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Eyebrows are pillars of the face. They form your expression and frame the eyes. Not all brows are the same, just like not all women are the same. Brow shape is determined by your bone structure, not by a stencil. I can do many techniques, depending what you want to see. I will make a determination based on your skin type, texture and aesthetic goals. Don't worry. You don't have to figure out which one to do! Just know there are options and the results are totally customizable. The main thing is tell me how you want to feel. Tell me how you want to look. And I can get you there.

Eyeliner is not nearly as scary as it sounds. I numb the area to keep you as comfortable as possible and your eye is closed. It's a little pinchy at first but it's not as scary as people think. And once it's done, imagine never having to worry about raccoon eyes at the gym or smeared streaks at the hot springs! Imagine not having to waste precious time, day in day out, applying makeup, nor struggling with making it look right. I can fix that for you so you never have to mess with it again! 


Microblading is a service that involves manually drawing individual hair strokes to fill and enhance the eyebrows, using a disposable set of soldered micro needles that resembles a "blade" but is actually several needles attached together. The "blade is dragged across the skin to create a cut and then pigment is rubbed into it and left on the skin as a "pigment masque" while the other brow is being done. Alternating from side to side for a few passes until complete. Then the pigment is wiped away and results are revealed. This service is semi-permanent and lasts about a year. Although it never goes away entirely it will not maintain the color intensity and shape. In some cases, after a year it is often barely visible. 

This service is best suited for younger, non-oily skin types as mature skin is thinner and requires a more delicate touch.

New set of Microbladed Brows:  $550

Touch up 1 year: $150

Touch up 2 years: $250

After 3 years you will need a new set.

Permanent Makeup:

Permanent makeup is a form of tattooing either by manual implements or by use of a rotary tattoo machine. This service is a bit more versatile and well suited to all skin types, for the most part. It also tends to last longer. Although touch ups will still be required to maintain the color and design, it is slightly more "permanent." 


The hand needles used for manual tattooing are Softap Comfort Needle system, which are a long tapered, thin/fine needle configurations that are very gentle on the skin. The long taper allows more give so it doesn't "hit" the skin as hard. Mostly this look is for soft, slightly sheer brow shading, smudge eyeliner or very gently shaded lips. This is a very soft and natural look. 


Machine-done work is slightly more stylized in that you can have a cat eye liner, a pixelated or ombre shaded brow, or super fine machine-drawn hair stroke brow (called a nano brow.) If you imagine all the techniques you've seen in body art, then these are also applicable, for the most part, to machine work on the face. Smokey and sheer, powdery pointillism, or crisp and linear. It just depends on your style and what you want to achieve. 


New set of Permanent Eyebrows: $550

New Permanent Eyeliner top and bottom: $700

Lash Line Enhancement top or bottom: $350

Lip Blush: $700

Lip Liner: $450


Cover up: $600-700

This is going over any old work, done by another artist, that may require color correction or symmetry issues. Cover ups are generally harder than an original procedure as there are often limitations to work around. Sometimes removal will be required. A consultation is recommended. 


Touch up 1 year: $150

Touch up 2 years: $250


After 3 years you may need a new procedure. 

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