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Pandemic Brows

January 3, 2021

Regardless of the state of the world, you can still get permanent makeup done safely and worry-free. After all, microblading, powder brows and permanent eyeliner are only enhanced by the mask. As for your lips, those are hidden right now but that's actually convenient for healing. A lip blush is a soft semi-translucent wash of color that enhances the natural lip and creates a fresh, youthful glow. While we can't social distance during your permanent makeup procedure, masks are worn and all contact surfaces are sanitized with a hospital grade disinfectant. All needles are new and disposable and inks are gamma ray sterilized before use. Appointments are one on one, you are the only one in my studio. Your safety is my number one priority. Well. Actually your beauty is number one. Let's call it a tie.


Lip Blush (coming soon)

It's here! The new Lip Blush collection by Tina Davies and Permablend. These new pigments heal so softly, it's just a soft semi-translucent shading that enhances the natural lip color and shape. This is a barely there kind of look that restores the natural youth and beauty of your own lips. It's doesn't look like makeup. It looks like you're 16 again! DM, Email or call for details or to click a free consultation!

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